Build your 'Engine'!

Cardiovascular endurance is the magic ingredient that makes an athlete.

Our Endurance Program will help members of all abilities whatever their goal to improve their endurance and stamina. Want to run or peddle further than you ever have, or just keep up with the kids? Then kick your cardio up a notch with DefianceFit Endurance classes.

Don't let your 'Engine' be the limiting factor in your workouts. DefianceFit Workout of the Days are action-packed high intensity sessions that will leave you gasping for breath. In order to be a well rounded athlete that can deal with whatever life throws at you it's important to train the cardiovascular system occasionally alongside those blossoming biceps.

DefianceFit Open Gym: Grab some gear and get after your weaknesses

Learn how to use CrossFit to enhance your quality of life or your chosen sport, keep you injury-free, and build strength and a better engine. If you’re serious about improving your aerobic capacity, this is the pathway to become the best you can be.

You will not only boost your aerobic capacity but you will improve your ability to sprint through those tough high-intensity power workouts.

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