Reopening Updates

Ash Townsend
July 14th 2020

Hey Defiance,


Beginning Saturday 25th July We will be reopening the gym at 8am.

The full timetable will be released later this week. Please be aware due to government guidelines and keeping the gym as clean and safe as we can, we have decided to add a 15 minute window between each class. We have worked hard to try and keep as many offerings as possible on the timetable. Our number one goal is to ensure everyone is safe and can enjoy their workout in an environment they feel comfortable in. Therefore until we feel its safe to do so there will be no Open gym. Don't worry, its not gone forever, just while we make sure you all get your fitness fix in a safe and controlled environment first.

Class sizes

Classes will have a capacity of 8 people and there will be specific walkways to follow and boxes spread out throughout the gym floor to keep social distancing in place. Each box will have plenty of space to workout as well as following the social distancing requirements. It will also have all the equipment you will need for the days workout. Please be aware, everything you touch must be thoroughly cleaned down at the end of class, therefore if you don't need to touch something, don't.


Check-in will be through the front Entrance door to keep with one way traffic. We remind all members that they must book into the class they want to attend on Team Up, and to arrive and wait outside until their class time and only enter the gym one at a time so that they can be signed in at the Front desk and allocated space on the gym floor.

Ash Townsend