Getting Back in The Gym

Ash Townsend
April 9th 2021

As Monday 12th April approaches we are excited to see you all and be back and training in the gym.

We wanted to let you all know how things are going to look at Defiance with regards to our programs and the timetable, as well as the Covid Guidelines we will have to follow. 


The timetable can be viewed via your Team Up app and you must book into every session you wish to attend. (Please note the slot limits of 10) This is due to the offering of more Personal Training. (So if you want to book PT and get back those Pull ups or just work with a coach) there will be slots available throughout the day for you to do this. 


  • CrossFit Workout of the day;
  • Dumbbell variation of the Workout of the day;
  • Defiance Weightlifting;
  • Defiance Run;
  • Aurelius Program 
  • Open Gym 

CrossFit WOD & DB variations.

All Daily workouts will be posted on Beyond the Whiteboard with warm ups and video briefs on how to tackle each workout along with scaling goal times/rounds/%. 

Defiance Weightlifting 

Our Olympic program will focus on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Initially coming back into the gym after so long away from a barbell (for most of us) we will focus as always on sound technique. Making use of complexes to:

  1. Allow safe and effective movement 
  2. Reinforce sound mechanics
  3. Reduce the overall load to avoid any injuries (don’t worry we will get back to lifting heavy)
  4. Practice. Practice. Practice 

Defiance Run will meet on a Wednesday at 19:30 and Thursday 6:15am  and will continue to do the weekly Trail Run with the route posted to the Defiance Strava page. With this group there will always be different paces and we will make sure no one is left behind. 

Aurelius Program

Will continue to follow our CrossFit workout of the day  alongside the awesome programming by Coach Matt. Which focuses on specifics in weightlifting, gymnastics and conditioning and gives those that are looking to get back to competing that bit more with great structure.


Technically all sessions on the timetable will have to be an Open gym set up due to the guidelines of exercising individually or exercise with your household or support bubble. ( Unfortunately we are not allowed to do regular group classes until 17th May. But don’t worry they will be back better than every. 

If you book into a slot labeled Open gym on the timetable please feel free to do your own thing, although we think we have plenty for you to follow. We just ask that when attending a slot that is listed CrossFit on the timetable that you follow the daily workout. Coaches will be around should you have any questions. 

Gym set up 

The gym has been cleaned thoroughly and will have the same set up as we previously had with specific areas marked on the floor. Each area will have its own basket with all the cleaning products you need to wipe down any equipment used. You will be free to move around the gym but we ask you follow the one way system and maintain distance from others and use the clearly signed Entrance and Exit doors, when coming in and leaving the gym.

Bathrooms will be one in at a time.

We are all very excited to get back in the gym and see each other again and be allowed to train in an environment that is safe to do so. Please take into account that we have now been away from the gym for 4 months and remember to take things slow at first and ramp up the intensity and volume relatively to how you feel. With that said each week one workout will have the option of For time or Not. Allowing you to still complete the workout without the added pressure of time and ensure better movement. 

Hope this helps answer any questions you have coming back on Monday. Please feel free to contact Ash should you have any other questions. 

Look forward to seeing you all. 

Ash Townsend