Committed Clubs! Are you in?

Ash Townsend
April 22nd 2021

Ready to hit 100 Classes? 

Already past 100, are you ready to reach 500?

What about 1000 classes? 

These clubs are the epitome of consistency. Everything takes work and a commitment to putting in the time. 

What about movements? 

Ready to get your first strict pull-up, 5 or 10+ unbroken?


How about hitting a new PB back squat?


2000m Row time? 


What about tying it all together and setting a time to beat on a named Girl WOD?

Throughout the Past year we have all no doubt struggled with some consistency and the not knowing when we were going to be back in the gym. Now we are back the key is to find that consistency and make things like attending class become a habit, that way it is harder to break than simply just saying you don’t feel like it. This is why having measurable goals helps a lot as well. If you have a drive to get that first strict pull up or a set of 5 or 10 or maybe another movement you have a commitment to that goal and every goal takes time and more so consistency. See the boards at the gym for some other goal ideas. 


Because consistency matters. A simple daily effort with solid overall effort will make one of the largest lasting impacts on your long-term fitness and health.

How it works?

Go to class. Sign-up on Team Up. We’ll tally your progress throughout the year. (we already have your tallies up to today's date too) When you hit a target number (100,500,1000) We will let you know and you will receive recognition for each one along with some cool gear too. This applies too for the movements. Hit the standards and get your name onto the board and also receive some cool gear. 

What counts and what doesn’t?

All group class and personal training sessions count toward your total. 

Open Gym, workouts done at home, a hike – they don’t count. Whilst we appreciate these are still great ways to get after it we know the biggest benefit to you is attending coached classes where our coaches can help you achieve those pull up or other goals and you tick off another class. Its a 2 for 1 deal and you are the biggest benefactor of it. It’s win win. 

What happens if you do hit that 100,500 or 1000 class mark? 

Prizes will be awarded, from T -shirts to discounts to future membership payments. You will also have your name added to the Defiance Fit Members committed club boards, so everyone can see your commitment to consistency and to your health and fitness. 

Let’s get after it! 

Ash Townsend