Gymnastics Skills -- Embrace The Suck

Whether you’re working on getting your first muscle up or your handstand walk- this program will take your training to the next level

Gymnastics skills require a high level of skills and technique and they take a long time to see real improvement. That's why once a week DefianceFit offers a dedicated Gymnastics sessions for all members to come and progress their training and embrace the suck together.

DefianceFit Gymnastics is made for athletes of all levels who are serious about really improving their gymnastics skills. Each week, you will get a focussed skills based Gymnastics session from Coach Matt. You will be receive thorough coaching on technique in order to excel in all forms of gymnastics movements.

Each week you will be challenged with a gymnastics skill with testing and retesting as you progress, so you’ll continue to work toward your goal -- whether that be 20 bar muscle-ups in a row, or getting your first.

DefianceFit Gymnastics will help you master the tricky gymnastic based moves in that you need to get:

Muscle ups
Handstand push ups
Kipping and Toes to bar and more

Once a week roll up and prepare to embrace the suck and get closer to mastering those tricky movements with some expert tuition from Coach Matt. You will get the help you need to nail these skills, or help you lay the foundations for those drills and practices that will mean you’ll be “kipping and dipping” in no time.

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