Total REST or Active Recovery?

Ash Townsend
6th May 2021

What do you define as ‘active recovery”?

The purpose of an active recovery day should be increased blood flow that will help aid in recovery.

Why not aim for your 10000 steps on a nice walk as an active recovery session with the goal of feeling better when you are done this is one of many great way to get some active recovery in. Or a steady bike ride or jog in our beautiful countryside. Too many times people turn active recovery sessions into yet another workout, this can be very damaging in many different ways. Overtraining and not allowing your body to recover is a huge problem and can cause a variety of problems including loss of energy, faigue, reduced performance, and injury. Remember more is not always better.

Using your fitness to get outside and explore is an awesome way we at Defiance Fit encourage our community to get active recovery in and recharge after tough days in the gym. Outdoor activities can be a great way to accomplish the goal of active recovery, while enjoying being outside with friends and family or just switching off and enjoying some you time to help clear our minds from daily stressors we experience in life. ⠀

Benefits of active recovery.

  • Increase blood flow
  • Muscle repair
  • Replenish energy
  • Prevents overtraining if properly incorporated
  • Better performance
  • Better sleep
What do your recovery days look like?

Ash Townsend