Tips for getting back in the gym

Ash Townsend
July 23rd 2020

We are all excited to see you getting back to training and coming to the gym this weekend. Throughout lockdown we know you have done your best to follow our online limited equipment and at home programs or the running program. With that said we all know there have been limitations, whether that was limited or no equipment, motivation or just missing your gym buddies. 

Many of you will no doubt be craving a barbell or maybe the rowing erg after doing all the burpees for the last 4 months. There are however a few things that we all need to be aware of upon our return to the gym, yes we all wish we could just start again from where we left off, but this isn’t realistic, and we have to be honest with ourselves and take time to get back to where we want our fitness to be. 

What are some of the things to watch out for:

  • Change in volume 
  • Be aware of your positions and shapes
  • Take your time to ramp the intensity and volume back up
  • Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity. 

Change in Volume 

Increased or change in training volume is one of the top predictors of injury, many people often get injured by doing too much too soon. When you start to loose position or your force is dropping off, reduce load or reduce reps so you can walk away from the gym feeling good. Don’t be afraid to leave a little bit in the tank, so that you can come back to train again the next day. It’s going to take a little bit of time to get fully back on line. 

Be aware of your positions and shapes

Good movement and position is king. Move well before anything else. We are fully aware that we all like to go hard and fast but practicing skills and sound movement patterns starts from the warm up and we never stop striving for better movement shapes and positions. 

Take your time to ramp the intensity and volume back up

Starting slow and taking time throughout each class will allow us to concentrate and improve positions, continue to practice at all opportunities then ramp things up. It may take a couple of weeks but guess what once it does not only will you be able to move faster, you will be able to move better too. 

Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity. 

  1. Mechanics—know the points of performance of the movements. Display these points of performance in all movements.
  2. Consistency—perform multiple repetitions of movements well, even when no one is watching. Develop a tolerance for intensity without loss of mechanics.
  3. Intensity—after consistently displaying sound mechanics and consistent training, introduce intensity with appropriate loads and speeds.

Train smart. 

Fitness should be a lifelong practice that allows us to lead a healthy and long life. Set realistic goals and speak to your coach, they are there to help you whatever your goal is. Remember we can all continue to work daily on our mechanics and consistency then add our old friend Intensity. Volume always comes after these. 

Look forward to seeing you all over the weekend back in the gym. 

Ash Townsend