Ash Townsend
November 6th 2020


We all struggle at times with motivation it’s completely normal and only amplified now we are in Lockdown 2.0 but how we regain our motivation is key and it will happen. But we may need to look at it a different way though and focus on discipline. 

Remember when you first started working out and everything was new and fun? You would see results almost every week. Getting stronger, faster, and more skilled at different movements. It was fun, exciting, and motivating to workout. The same can be said for turning up to class, it’s fun and you are around likeminded people training hard and pushing you daily. 

But as we move to Lockdown 2.0 it can feel like this motivation is lacking and we have little desire to workout. I get it too and have gone through times where I lack motivation. It's completely normal and human. 

There are ways to overcome this and find a way to get moving and doing something. That is another reason we have created 6 programs that you can choose from to help keep things varied and interesting.

So how do we continue to find the motivation to workout? 

The truth is, at some point, it comes down to being disciplined, not just motivated.

Motivation comes and goes, some days you may have it, others you may not. So instead of relying on only motivation, you should really be trying to practice being more disciplined. Discipline is a state of being and part of a positive mindset. 

How do you become more disciplined? 

Find a routine. 

Start simple by trying to train at the times you would normally train at the gym. Structure your environment to help you be more disciplined so have a specific area to do your training. The garden, the garage the front room etc. I completely understand this is tough during this lockdown but try find what works for you, we all have limitations but will find a way and be back in the gym together soon. 

Once you find the set up that works for you then you will start to build momentum and motivation back into your mindset and your training will be better and you will feel better overall. 

Loss of motivation is completely  normal, I have days where I feel like I don’t want to train. What do I do, it depends some days I will just go for a walk instead or maybe I’ll do the workout but not put a clock on and just move at a slower pace than what I know I can but after will feel better and motivated to attack whatever the next day throws at me. 

So don't be hard on yourself if this happens to you. Just find a practice that allows you to be more disciplined during these times and please reach out to us if you need any assistance. 

Stay strong and see you all soon.

Ash Townsend