Don’t worry about the clock. Worry about how you are moving!

Ash Townsend
10th June 2021

You may have noticed that every week we put up a workout (like yesterday’s J.T) that is for time (OR NOT) and be asking why would we do this. 

Well the short answer is that we are here to train for longevity and realise that some days we just need to move and remove the pressure the clock can sometimes put on us. 

Let’s take a deeper look into it though. If we are only interested in chasing times and moving faster, then all sorts of problems may arise. Poor movement and technique, feeling of failure if we don’t hit the time we set out to hit, and the possibility of overtraining are just some that could happen.  Now I’m not saying that we don’t want you to move fast but we want you to move well first, the speed will come in time. 

If we again look at J.T from yesterday


21-15-9 reps for time (OR NOT)

Handstand Push Ups

Ring Dips

Push Ups 

Now we all know this workout is a tough gymnastics one and each movement interferes with one another and when you combine them together the volume of pressing adds up. This is why we give you so many options with scaling and ways that allow you to move well and safely. Applying these progressions over time will eventually allow us to move faster but first its about moving well then moving well consistently. 

Remember Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity. Volume.?

So while yes we want to add intensity to workouts this can be applied in various ways and not just about how fast your move. Intensity can be applied by working hard to correct or better your movement patterns in say the Handstand Push up or ring dip. Do the progressions well and strict and you certainty don’t get short changed on intensity. 

This is why we will continue to give you the option to do one workout a week that can be done for time (OR NOT) 

Trust the program and the process and together we can grow and continue to improve our health and fitness for life through moving better. 

Ash Townsend