Defiance Lockdown Challenges!

Ash Townsend
January 7th 2021

Here we are again in another Lockdown, and we know this time is going to be a little more challenging with the dark nights and cold weather. But we have some exciting challenges for you to participate in. Hopefully these challenges keep you motivated and moving towards some of the goals you have set yourself for this year.


All the challenges will posted on our social platforms and we encourage you to tag Defiance Fit along with friends and share on your social platforms. That way we can all help support each other and give each other positive encouragement, like we would usually do in the gym.

What are the Challenges?

There will be two 30 day challenges for you to choose from in addition to the regular programming offered. Both require zero equipment, and will take no longer than 40 mins to complete with most been under 30 mins.

Defiance Fit Challenge-Gymnastics

This will include Plank and Air squats and follow a very simple linear progression. Most of these will be under 15 minutes long. The purpose of this challenge is to develop core strength and shoulder stability as well as the constant battle to improve our squat positions.

All of the workouts for each of the 30 days will be posted to Instagram stories on DefianceWOD

Defiance Fit Challenge-Run

Our Run Challenge will posted in the Defiance Fit Facebook members page and will aim to improve your 5k Run time. There are two 5k runs, one on day 1 to give you an idea what your current time is and to test against at the end of the challenge. The workouts will be the same as many of you have done with Ash in Endurance so you will need to have a course or loop for your 5k (or come use the one we have from the gym used for 100k challenge) as well as a 400m and 800m loop or out and back. (again the canal works well here)

The way these are both written allows for you to fit them around your daily schedule so for example the running is on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but if you wish you could do these on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We hope you all enjoy these challenges and take part and remember to tag us on any social posts. Looking forward to seeing how you all get on with them. Both Ash and Matt will be doing them so keep an eye out for how they get on too.

Ash Townsend