Defiance Fit Covid-19 Updates

Ash Townsend
2nd November 2020

As we move into Lockdown on Thursday 5th. We want to make sure you all have a Program that you can follow and stay active for the duration of this 2nd Lockdown.

There will be 6 available Programs for you to choose from:

  • Defiance WOD (full equipment)
  • Defiance Dumbbell (single or double DB)
  • No Equipment (Bodyweight movements)
  • Defiance Run (2 sessions a week)
  • Defiance Mobility (2 sessions a week) 
  • Defiance Skills (Develop pistols and Handstands) 

All programs will begin on Thursday 5th. 

Please see the key below for the graphic:

DB=Dumbbell or Kettlebell 

NE= No Equipment 

G= Full equipment 


R= Running


Our programming will continue to be as Elegant as always and follow classic GPP format. We understand that some of it will be tough to do without a full gym set up, that is why there will be the DB version and No equipment variations of the workout of the day.  Closely as possible it will follow the same format as the original workout written but at times there may be a change in reps and or movements. 

Each day will have a general warm up and cool down and the specifics for each program will be listed with video demos provided where needed by Coach Matt. 

Defiance Mobility 

This is designed to help you with your basic maintenance on your body. It will focus mainly on Hips and shoulders. This will then tie into the Defiance Skills program. 

Defiance Skills 

Aims to improve your squat position and work specifically on Pistols, and your Handstand or inverted positions. 

Defiance Run 

We have will have 2 sessions throughout the week with one longer run and one interval based running session. 

How do I view and follow these program’s?

Please keep an eye on your emails (and possibly junk folder) for an invite to True Coach over the next few days. Once you have the link you will be able to view the above program’s. 

Within True Coach there will be options to view full warm ups and cool down each day alongside each of the workouts. If required there will also be a video demo or brief for the workout.

What Program should I follow?

You will be auto signed up to all of the above programs and then will have the option to choose which to follow, this will of course depend on the equipment you have or the equipment you are borrowing from the gym.

Equipment loan.


Dumbbells or Kettlebells

Ab matts

Med ball


At the gym 


Wednesday 19:30-20:30 (more details to follow)

We hope that you can continue to train as hard as you all do inside the gym and keep making awesome progress. We will be available if you have any questions and here to help, via the Facebook group.

Ash Townsend