100km Charity Challenge

Ash Townsend
December 4th 2020


On the 20th December we are going to complete the 100km challenge with the aim to raise some much needed funds for (Cancer Research UK) Our friends at Train Manchester along with Sam Briggs will be completing it over at Train.


We will be doing the challenge here at Defiance Fit with a limited number of places available due to the Covid restrictions. 

How to donate?

We are going to ask for a minimum £100 donation to reserve a rower with all donations going to Cancer Research UK. So grab your friends and as individuals or teams get the 100km done - split the £100 up between your team as you like or if you are able and would like to do so please make an other donation. Follow the link below.

Samantha Briggs 100km Challenge (JUST GIVING PAGE)

What does the 100KM Challenge involve?

For the 100km you complete 50km of running and 50km of rowing partitioned how you want either as a pair or as part of a team. 

If you would like to support but can’t do the challenge why not sponsor a Team that is participating or just make a donation yourself. 

Go to Sam Briggs (Just giving page)
Lets do it and raise much needed funds!

Ash Townsend